Agricultural drone mapping in Essex

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Irrigation checking and drought assessment in South East England

We have the capability to photograph up to 150 acres in a single flight. Using these images, we're able to create a high-resolution map of your fields and crops. Fitted with a NDVI sensor, our multirotor can produce maps that monitor growth, drought assessment, chlorophyll indication, irrigation checking and much more Information. This information can be used to detect water damage and equipment errors, leading to big opportunities to save money by refining planting decisions and repairing inefficient equipment.

Types of vegetation indices:

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

The traditional formula for NDVI compares near-infrared and blue light. It's great for measuring healthy, green vegetation over a wide range of conditions.
Vegetation index
Enhanced Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (ENDVI)

ENDVI includes a comparison of green light in addition to NIR, red, and blue in order to give a more sensitive result. This isolates the indicators of plant health, and can be used to assess the presence and health of a crop.
Plant health and vegetation index
Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI)

SAVI calibrates for soil reflection by using a standard factor within the calculation of pixel value. This is useful in areas of low vegetation where the soil can be seen through the canopy, because it suppresses the value of soil pixels.
Vegetation index
Optimised Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (OSAVI)

OSAVI is a variation of SAVI, with a lower calibration factor. Using OSAVI, there is more variation with the soil than with SAVI. But it's also more sensitive to vegetation.
Optimised soil adjusted vegetation index
Renormalised Difference Vegetation Index (RDVI)

RDVI is similar to SAVI in that it suppresses the effects of soil and sun. Unlike SAVI, however, it does not work as well in sparsely vegetated or dry areas.
renormalised difference vegetation index

2D and 3D agricultural drone mapping

We supply standard aerial videography or photography, useful in boundary disputes and mapping large areas of estates, including producing 2D and 3D mapping. The Optimized Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (OSAVI) works well in an area with a dense canopy and a wider spectrum of vegetation. Along with agricultural assessments, we also provide aerial photographs of construction sites and properties for estate agents. Our service area covers Essex and South East England.
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