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Looking for effective building inspections with quality drone surveying in South East England? Contact Airsnapz in Essex.

Excellent roof inspections in South East England

There are some good reasons to consider hiring us for a roof inspection. For one thing, climbing a ladder and getting on a roof can be dangerous. For another, there could be subtle signs of problems that you don't have the full access to notice. A roof inspection could save you the cost of replacing your roof by extending the life of your old one with some periodical repairs.

However, it pays to be aware of roofing scams. We're independent and only provide a roofing survey. We do not offer roof repairs and are not affiliated to any company that carries out repairs. Our sole aim is to provide a completely honest evaluation. Before agreeing to any suggested roofing work, be sure to do your hiring homework and only select a trusted tradesman. Traditional high-level building and roof inspection requires the utilization of scaffold towers or elevated platform. A cherry-elevated platform or scaffold tower may only permit the examination of one area of the rooftop. It may also be restricted by appropriate ground access. Our aerial assessment gives detailed photographs of the rooftop from many angles and overhead. It can shoot from all angles constructing a full photographic record.
Building structure inspections

Building structure inspections

Drones are great at doing structural inspection and auditing. For bridges and buildings, drones can take precise images and provide data about structural weaknesses. For structures like cell phone towers, pylons and wind turbines, drones can provide structural information that can greatly decrease the risk of human life in climbing towers for the same information. Drones greatly enhance and improve both the efficiencies in which data is gathered and critical decisions are made.
Drone surveying

Expert drone surveying

The drone can inspect various properties in one day, sparing customers time and cash. Utilizing a 20 megapixel camera delivering top-notch pictures, we can supply high-quality photographs for reports. The photos can be enlarged and enhanced to demonstrate every detail of your roof. Utilizing our 20mp camera with zoom capability photographs can be seen in fine detail, permitting inaccessible regions to be studied without the utilization of costly frameworks. Along with building inspections, we can provide aerial videography for construction sites and tourism companies.
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