High-quality construction photography in Essex

Do you need to take an aerial survey photograph of your construction project in South East England? Contact Airsnapz in Essex today.

Track the progress of your construction project

On a typical duty day, a project manager visits their various construction sites and verifies that the workers have all the required equipment. They also check the general progress, and sees that things are generally being done so that the company can meet the minimum standards of tolerance set by the law.

Aerial drones are the best way for construction companies to track progress and conduct site surveys on the job site in South East England. Our complete UAV system generates aerial images, maps, 2D and 3D models, still photography and HD video for websites. We also tender documents and advertising campaigns. Our drones can cover a construction site, 18 acres in size, in one flight of just 8 minutes and render a 3D map.

Once the flights are complete, we can analyse the data and process the images for all outputs in just over an hour and share the data with clients by link via cloud-based service.
Surveyors uniform

Video surveys of construction sites

Using our state-of-the-art rotor based UAVs, we are able to provide construction based clients with photographic and video surveys of proposed planning sites and construction progress reports. The high-end equipment we use and the experience of our UAV pilots mean that we are able to operate without affecting the construction's progress. In these scenarios, the drone is not actually taking the place of someone visiting the site. With the drone, they don't need to visit the site as much as they would have needed otherwise. This helps construction companies save on travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, and wear and tear etc.
aerial view of the building

High-resolution aerial images

Regular flights provide construction project managers, general contractors and survey managers with the most up-to-date reporting to better track construction progress, manage resources, reduce downtime, and keep projects on schedule and under budget.

Data outputs include the orthomosaic, digital surface model and the high-resolution 3D model. ​Full PPE is carried at all times​. Long term and short term contracts are available. Insurance cover is provided up to £5m. In addition to videos of construction sites, we can also provide promotional videos of your tourism business and sports events.
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