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Property photography in Essex

Want an aerial photograph of your property? Get in touch with Airsnapz in Essex.

UAV property photography in South East England

In the past, aerial photography has always been considered to be restrictive, due to the high cost of using helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Using a UAV (drone), AirSnapz can now allow estate agents in South East England and Essex to offer this additional service to their clients at an affordable price. Estate agency is a fast evolving industry that continues to become ever more competitive. Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly more important to get the edge when selling or leasing properties.

It’s only been in the last twelve months that most estate agents have been using drones. Before that, they were still relatively rare, unreliable and expensive. Due to the advances in technology in the last year, drones are becoming the must-have technology. In the near future, sellers and buyers will be demanding drone footage to promote the sale of their property or to obtain more information about potential purchases. Before long, drones will become an everyday tool for estate agents and an indispensable norm for all property sales.
Aerial photography

Affordable aerial photography

Most leading estate agents in the UK now use aerial photography to promote high-end properties and larger estates. This technology is a great way to showcase the more expensive properties and engage potential buyers.

Depending on the number of properties AirSnapz are instructed to photograph per week, we can supply a portfolio of 5 aerial photographs for a fee of £75 per property, dependant on location.

Along with estate photography, we also provide agricultural drone videography and assessments, and wedding photography.
aerial photography of the ground

Showcase your property

The photographic quality is second to none. It's able to produce up to 24mp photographs and up to 4K UHD video. Using 360 panorama, it's possible to show the surrounding areas of properties. It is believed that a high percentage of estate agents currently use unlicensed drone operators. By law, any drone operator flying for commercial gain must have permission from the CAA. All pilots must have CAA PFCO (Permission For Commercial Operation) status and hold valid commercial drone insurance. The potential to cause harm to people or damage to property if things go wrong could have a serious impact on the reputation and image of your company.
We are experienced, licensed and legal drone operators and you can rest assured that we operate inside all safety rules, regulations and guidelines. Call Airsnapz in Essex on 07903 092 892 for aerial photography of your property.
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