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Promotional videos for tourism agencies in South East England

Drones represent a great marketing tool for the tourism industry, which has always been one of the quickest to adopt new technologies. The ability to produce innovative and affordable aerial videos and photographs has been one of the primary reasons drones have created a stir in this industry.  “Visuals are the new language of the digital era”. And videos are, simply, the most compelling and engaging visual form. Google confirmed in their "Travel Content Takes Off" on YouTube study in 2014 that the online consumption of travel videos is hugely increasing. Travel videos attract and engage consumers more than text and stills. They sell more than any other type of content.
Aerial image of the buildings

Fantastic aerial video content

With the help of our drones, hospitality and travel marketers can now provide their target audience with innovative video content, showing a unique view of a resort, a tourist attraction or a destination. Drones are indeed being used to create video content promoting hotels, resorts, destinations, attractions and tours. Luxury hotels and resort chains have been among the first to use drones, usually outsourcing the production to professional aerial filming companies.
Aerial image of the buildings

Quality hotel and resort photography

The use of drones allows them to highlight the entire property and offer potential guests a bird’s eye view of what they will experience upon arrival. With the very latest equipment and an array of highly technical perspective control lenses, AirSnapz can deliver hotel and resort photography which will make your marketing campaign stand head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to business promotional videos, we also specialise in aerial photography for weddings and sports.
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