Drone wedding photography 
in Essex

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Drone wedding videos in South East England

Creating video has become more accessible. It comes on your phone and is handheld. It can also be mounted to your body. While we now get to see a lot of great videos from ground level, adding an aerial element to your wedding video can make it stand out from the rest. As technology has improved, drones are able to shoot in full HD at 4k and higher, without sacrificing any quality. This means that there is total flexibility when it comes to post-production editing, to produce an exciting and varied video reel of your big day. We are also able to offer stabilised action camera filming that can provide a unique footage by locating cameras in unconventional areas.
quality wedding photography

High-quality  wedding photography

The use of drones at weddings is becoming increasingly popular for couples looking for ways of making their special day both unique and memorable. Previously considered a luxury reserved only for the wealthy few with access to a helicopter, state-of-the-art aerial footage captured by drones is now affordable and accessible to everyone. Now you have the opportunity to capture truly amazing and unique shots of your drone wedding video.
Drone wedding photography

Drone wedding photography

Check your venue's drone policy because sometimes you need special permission to fly the drone. Also, there are some restrictions as to where the drone can physically fly if the area you’re hoping to shoot in has lots of tall trees or low cables. Drones are potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. Make sure you hire a professional with the necessary training and insurance. In addition to aerial wedding videos, we also provide aerial building inspections and construction photographs.
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